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We adhere to all requirments in NFPA-25 California Edition, State of California Title-19 and Los Angeles City Reg-4 Regulations as well as all Local City Codes and Regulations. And our Mainenance and Inspection programs will meet or exceed any Insurance Company requirements for Annual, Bi-Annual or 5-Year Certification Testing required.

Our staff works hand in hand with YOU the business owner and Local Fire Authorties to provide the highest level of expertise to keep your fire protection equipment in top operating condition. From standard maintenance inspections to extensive certification testing and repairs, We can handle it all.

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How Fire Sprinklers Save Lives !

May 28th 2009:

Side-by-side burn demonstrates power of fire sprinklers

Nearly 3,000 Americans die each year in fires, and it's estimated you could have as little as three minutes to escape a building fire should one occur.

The Fire Department hosted a vivid demonstration that showed the life-saving difference fire sprinkler systems can make. The city's fire officials were joined by the State Fire Marshal, Fire Sprinkler Coalition, and NFPA at a live demonstration showing how quickly fire sprinklers work to subdue heat, flames and smoke.